Bug Bounty Program

A Bug Bounty Program is a company’s way of saying, “If you find a security problem in our software or website and tell us about it, we’ll pay you a reward.” It’s a win-win because it helps make their stuff more secure, and you can earn money for helping out.

Just a graphic


Imagine a treasure map with a big “X” marking the spot:

Graphic of a Treasure map

This represents the company’s bug bounty program, where they announce that there might be hidden treasures (security bugs) in their software.

The “X” on the map is like finding a security bug in their software. It’s valuable information.

You, as the security researcher, are like an explorer who follows the map to find the “X.”

When you discover the security bug and report it to the company, they reward you with a chest of gold (monetary compensation) or recognition for your discovery.

In this visual, a Bug Bounty Program is compared to a treasure hunt, where you search for hidden security treasures within a company’s software and are rewarded for your valuable findings.