Deepfake is a technology that uses advanced computer tricks to create fake videos, audio recordings, or text that look and sound real but are entirely made up. This can be a serious problem because it can be used to spread fake information and trick people, especially in corporate or public contexts.

Imagine you have a video of a famous corporate executive giving a speech at an important conference.

Real Video (Original Speech): This is the actual video of the executive speaking the truth.

Deepfake Video: Now, picture a second video that looks nearly identical to the real one. In this video, the executive appears to be saying something completely different, something they never actually said.

It’s as if someone used advanced computer magic to create a video that makes the executive look like they’re saying things they never really did.

This is what a deepfake is – a convincing, but fake, video that can be used to manipulate or deceive people, which can have serious consequences in corporate settings, especially when it comes to spreading false information or impersonating high-profile individuals.